Mangumwatch ’08

Jeff Mangum can check out of Neutral Milk Hotel (he did, in 1999.) But we can never leave him alone.

On Oct. 12, Mangum showed up at the Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise performance in New York, performing three songs with his friends in Elf Power and Olivia Tremor Control. MAGNET asked Music Tapes frontman (and former NMH member) Julian Koster about the odds of a full-fledged reunion:

“All that I can say is that when I think of [Neutral Milk Hotel], I have an absolutely formless feeling in my heart that there is a great deal to come.”

Vague! But optimistic. Remember, Koster—who recently released holiday album The Singing Saw At Christmastime—is largely responsible for assembling the NMH lineup that recorded In The Aeroplane Over The Sea.