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Have You Ever Actually Listened To Lil Wayne?

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9 replies on “Have You Ever Actually Listened To Lil Wayne?”

There’s a really good mix of a Mary J. Blige song (“Just Fine”) that features Lil Wayne. He sounds like a guy from The Pharsyde and a little like Lyrics Born. Why such hostility? You can listen and you’re still allowed to like your obscure heroes of indie rock.

What an odd topic. We have a few posts by people that have never heard him, but feel the need to slag him (for the sin of ‘lack of indie cred’), and nothing commenting on WHY he’s worthy of such an unsolicited flaming. I actually have heard his ‘hit’ album; half of it being crap, and the other half is funny, flowing and entertaining. Batting .500 certainly puts him in the league of the music Magnet reviews at the very least. Maybe he can sample Pavement or GBV on his next release and become a darling of your mag.

I’m not normally a big fan of rap or hip-hop, but I like the new Lil Wayne CD. As another commenter noted, about half the CD is excellent, the other half a mixed bag. But, the half that is good makes it worth listening to. I borrowed the CD from my 19 year old daughter and she actually thought exactly the same thing.

Although I’m not too big on hip-hop of today, I do have to admit that after listening to ‘Tha Carter’, I was impressed in how fresh and original it all sounded. I know it’s kinda odd for us indie-rock followers to be listening to such music but I personally like good music no matter in what shape, form or sound it comes in. 😀

I’m from L.A., and I actually think they play a Lil’ Wayne song everytime Manny Ramirez comes to bat, at his request, so I guess I’ve heard him in :20 second bursts. That’s one good thing about Manny being suspended: no Lil’ Wayne for the next 50 games.

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