Are You There God? It’s Me … Duffman!

No, the topic at hand isn’t Springfield’s caped beer crusader (ah, if only … ), but the other famous Duff. Stumped? Here are a few hints: He’s from Seattle, he has a finance degree, his pancreas once exploded from substance abuse, and he races mountain bikes. Still confused? Maybe this book excerpt will give it away: “Duff was now living … in an apartment on Hollywood Boulevard, coincidentally, next to Sly Stone. I guess you could say that he and Sly had a tight neighborly relationship: Sly used to come by Duff’s place unannounced to smoke PCP, crack, or a mix of the two, alone, in Duff’s bathroom and then just leave.” This little tidbit is from Slash, by Slash with Anthony Bozza, a trashy, if highly entertaining, read. And as you’ve probably figured out, the Duff in question is Duff McKagan, former bassist for Gun N’ Roses (before they became known as the Axl Rose Debacle), current bassist for Velvet Revolver and frontman for Duff McKagan’s Loaded, which is set to release Sick this April. Put to tape by Martin Feveyear (Kings Of Leon, Crooked Fingers), the music from Duff’s side project is of a genre rarely heard these days: straight-ahead rock ‘n’ roll.

“No More” from Sick: