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westernciv2Although the three core members of Chapel Hill, N.C.’s Western Civ have known each other since high school, their forthcoming album Shower The People You Love With Gold (self-issued, out March 17) is only the band’s third release. Under the guidance of veteran producer Mitch Easter (R.E.M., Pavement), Western Civ has honed its brand of meandering and complex indie rock. Shower The People You Love With Gold is crisper than the band’s 2007 effort, Remington Steele Magnolia, and it certainly features more eclectic instrumentation (think children’s toys and metal folding chairs). Still, the album adheres largely to Western Civ’s original sound: rambunctious guitar melodies intertwined with spasmodic yet strangely infectious vocals.

“I Am A Waterfall” from Shower The People You Love With Gold (download):

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