TiVo Party Tonight: The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Bell X1

tivosoundtracks1Ever wonder what will happen during the last five minutes of late-night TV talk shows? They let musicians onstage! Here are tonight’s notable performers:

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (NBC): The Soundtrack Of Our Lives
We get the feeling that this is what 80 percent of actual residents of Sweden listen to; not Lykke Li and I’m From Barcelona and stacks of death metal. We could be wrong. TSOOL (pictured) is promoting recent 24-track double-CD behemoth Communion and will perform lead track “Babel On.”

Late Show With David Letterman (CBS): Bell X1
Book something Irish! Anything Irish! We’re not even telling you what channel the Dropkick Murphys are playing on.

The Soundtrack Of Our Lives’ “Flipside” (download):