MP3 At 3PM: Hermit Thrushes

hermitthrushes355reFrom MAGNET’s beloved hometown of Philadelphia, Hermit Thrushes (not to be confused with ’90s Canadian alt-rockers Thrush Hermit) walk the line between guitar-driven lo-fi and unruly noise rock. “Snowflake Heart”—from the band’s second release, Slight Fountain (due out in June on the Joyful Noise label)—embraces the outfit’s bipolarity: A simple six-string melody interwoven with dazed vocals is jarringly contrasted with belligerent and glockenspiel-punctuated synthesizer wails. Here’s to hoping the members of Hermit Thrushes can maintain the same perilous balance throughout the whole album as they do on “Snowflake Heart.”

“Snowflake Heart” (download):