The Love Language Makes MAGNET A Mix Tape


The self-titled debut album by the Love Language (on Bladen County) is the sole product of Stuart McLamb, a total fuck-up and half-genius. A bad break-up, a drunken night in jail and a move back to his parents’ house somehow resulted in nine songs that sound like M. Ward, the Walkmen and Guided By Voices raiding the basement mini-fridge. After being invited to open a tour for fellow North Carolina act the Rosebuds, McLamb assembled a live band, which is currently on the road. McLamb clued us in to what might be playing in the Love Language van.

“Lalita” (download):

THE LIGHT PINES “Black Swans” (2008)
This is hands down the best guitar riff written in the past five years … at least.

THE ZOMBIES “Beechwood Park” (1968)
I don’t know much about the actual location of Beechwood Park, but if it inspired this song, it must be the closest thing to heaven on earth.

FLOYD CRAMER “Last Date” (1960)
What can I say about this song? The melody resonates in my bones. I want it played at my funeral. Favorite. Melody. Ever.

MAZES ” I Have Laid In The Darkness Of Doubt” (2009)
This is Edward Anderson’s (of the 1900s) new project. We played with them in Chicago on our last tour, and they were fantastic. This song played while we were driving through the lush, rolling hills of Southern California, and I think everyone in the van seriously almost cried. Then we played it three more times in a row.

LEONARD COHEN “Memories” (1977)
What a great song about young lust. I always wished that Phil Spector produced “So Long Marianne”; this is the closest thing we got.

THE FALL “Bombast” (1989)
This is the best punk-rock bass tone I’ve ever heard. Sometimes you need to get your ass kicked by music, and this song is like biting the curb and getting your head kicked.

THE GRATEFUL DEAD “China Doll” (1974)
To all the haters, try your best to hate this song.

MAX INDIAN “Heaven Help Us” (2008)
This song is so good that everyone thinks it’s a cover.

12,000 ARMIES “Pardon The Earthquake” (2008)
One of the most reedeming songs about fucking up, wanting to change, the frustration of not being able to and letting your soul shine through all of it beautifully.

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