MP3 At 3PM: Wand

wand390A man with more (or maybe just as many) nametags as Will Oldham, James Jackson Toth (a.k.a. Wooden Wand) is donning the simplified Wand moniker for Hard Knox, his collection of home recordings and demos due May 26 on the Ecstatic Peace! label. Lead track “Arriving” has a Leonard Cohen/’60s Britfolk/angry liberal-arts-dorm-room vibe. Speaking of arrivals, however, there is news that Toth has teamed up with Timothy Bracy (former frontman of the Mendoza Line) in a new outfit called the Jescos. A debut album is currently being mixed. If you haven’t already read our feature on the end of the Mendoza Line, live the drama here.

“Arriving” (download):