MP3 At 3PM: Liechtenstein

liechtenstein490Fitting that Swedish trio Liechtenstein titled its debut album Survival Strategies In The Modern World (Slumberland, due June 2): Renee, Naemi and Elin are barely proficient on guitar or drums (even the drum machine is rudimentary), and yet they thrive with a prescient feel for pop innocence and a timely knowledge of C86 pop that labelmates the Pains Of Being Pure At Heart are currently doling out to adoring fans. A little bit Shop Assistants, a little bit Shaggs, “Roses In The Park” is more Heavenly than retro-twee hell.

“Roses In The Park” (download):

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Catchy! I wish I could be barely proficient like them. 🙂 Fitting comparison to Shop Assistants and Heavenly, both of whom I love. They may just be starting out, but they’re obviously talented. Liechtenstein should be bigger than the Vivian Girls, who not only can’t play, but lack songwriting ability/memorable hooks beneath the noise, and are incredibly overrated, in my opinion.

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