MP3 At 3PM: Hull

hull400Every so often, we like to post some doom metal to remind you that you’re not a Snuggie™-wearing, Paste magazine-reading ninny. And to remind ourselves where the umlaut on Queensrÿche goes. We know Queensrÿche is not doom metal. But there’s a little quicksilver-guitar midsection in the middle of the otherwise apocalypto “Immortal” that gets us thinking about “Silent Lucidity” and what it sounds like in the eye of the storm. Brooklyn’s Hull just released debut album Sole Lord (The End). If you’re wondering why this cut ends abruptly, it’s because Sole Lord is a continuous, 44-minute recording, and metal guys generally don’t do radio edits.

“Immortal” (download):

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Awesome. They always talk about Cookie Monster vocals on this stuff, but how do they do that? I’m asking seriously. That’s awesome. I think my two-year-old would really be all over this. Does Children’s Television Workshop get royalties for this? Awesome.

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