Rhett Miller’s Superfriends: Rob Thomas

rhettmillerlogo100cc2We asked Old 97’s frontman Rhett Miller to guest edit this week, and he pawned it off on a bunch of his famous friends: other musicians, actors, writers and comedians. Well played, Rhett. But you can’t hide behind a self-titled solo album. Rhett Miller (Shout! Factory), a Beatlesque beauty featuring Jon Brion, is out this week.

flipcamera5502Rob Thomas is an international rock star. The lead singer of Matchbox Twenty and a solo artist as well, he refuses to be pinned down. His no-holds-barred Twittering and his recent Huffington Post article are not what you expect from a rock ‘n’ roller. Plus, he’s a very sweet dude. Oh yeah, and he a new record out called Cradlesong. Rob Thomas recommends:

Flip video cameras
Now, when I reach into my pocket and pull out this little miracle, I can take all of the mundane shit that I go through daily and pretend it’s really important by filming it. You can’t stop technology.

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I have one of these (thanks Amy!). The coolest thing about the Flip is the simplicity of it: a big red button that you push to record/stop, it runs on two AA batteries and the USB connector swivels out of the side (no cords). It doesn’t do anything fancy, but that’s fine with me.

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