What Is Your Favorite Wilco Album?

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7 replies on “What Is Your Favorite Wilco Album?”

I just listened to Summer Teeth and it doesn’t hold up as a whole to where they are now. From A ghost is born to now is the best of Wilco for me

To be honest the only albums i really liked was Being There and AM but i dont even play them now, id much rather listen to Uncle Tupelo but i guess having two singer songwriters(not too mention Ego’s) was too much for the band !!

I listen to all of them a lot, but one more than the others: AM, believe it or not.

Nice, twangy – sometimes shitkicking, sometimes heartbroken – countriefied rawk.


LOVE AM and Sky Blue Sky…actually love them all and love them LIVE even more!

My Fav in order….
Being There
Kicking Tele
Wilco (The Album) early but very nice so far!

Wilco is arguably the most relevant American band of the last 15 years, and probably also the best. BEING THERE will always have a special place in my ear and heart and shows the potential of a band ready and able to make brilliant and important albums. SUMMERTEETH proved that potential. But, I believe YANKEE HOTEL FOXTROT is not only the best Wilco album, it’s quite possibly the best album (period) of this century. When you throw in the back story of the battle with their record company (documented in the film I AM TRYING TO BREAK YOUR HEART) to get the album released, you’re delving into legendary rock ‘n roll territory. Jeff Tweedy and co. never disappoint. The new album is excellent, but people will be listening to YANKEE HOTEL FOXTROT hundreds of years from now.

– JT

I seriously have fallen in love with each Wilco album. I chose YHF because it was my first and I dunno why.. but I always just consider it their masterpiece. As for their new album (wilco).. I’ve got to say.. I didn’t like it at first. Usually, their albums take me about 5 listens to get really into, but this one took me at least 10. Now that a week’s gone by, I find myself wanting to listen to it just as much as the other ones and I am happy about it. Anyways, I am sure Wilco will continue to make great music, it doesn’t matter which direction they take.

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