Moby Picks: José González

mobylogo100b2Moby is the artist who wasn’t there—but only because he’s always in motion. From hardcore punk to techno to film scores to mainstream rock to the sampladelic commercial phenomenon that was 1999’s Play, Moby’s career can appear as a blur of forever-changing sounds, vocalists and moods. His palette has shifted to twilight blue on the home-recorded Wait For Me (out this week on Little Idiot/Mute), with noir, shapeshifting pocket symphonies such as “Shot In The Back Of The Head” and its David Lynch-created video. Moby will be guest editing this week. Read our Q&A with him.


Moby: Boy, José González makes some pretty songs. Why do Swedes seem to like Spanish names so much? Video for 2007’s “Down The Line” after the jump.–L9Yd1k

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Sweden received lots of chilean political exiles during the 70s. Gonzales himself is the son of one of those families, I guess.

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