Au Revoir Simone Tour Diary: West Texas

au_revoir_groceryBrooklyn trio Au Revoir Simone recently took to the road to promote its latest pop confection, the keyboard-buzzing beauty Still Night, Still Light. Annie Hart reports:

They say everything is bigger in Texas, so when we stopped at the typically mega, jumbo, enormous, ginourmous Fiesta Mart in West Texas for a thousand-mile-overdue oil change, it was surprising that Caroline, our English sound engineer, and I were taken aback by the size of the cereal boxes in the store. Maybe it’s because my normal grocery store is about the size of this cereal aisle (and the store was about the size of my neighborhood), and the boxes of cereal that I do buy from time to time are smaller, more demure versions of the reasonably sized Pathmark No-Frills Corn Flakes I was used to as a kid. I’ve never seen anything like this, and it made me wonder what becomes of the impossible-to-eat portions. Are they destined to be gulped down with serving spoons in great big salad bowls by college freshmen? Or end up in forgotten, stale, slightly soggy messes in the bottom shelves of pantries? I want this whole thought process mapped out in a cartoon by Roz Chast.

“Knight Of Wands” (download):

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Actually, I think the explanation is a pretty mundane one. The cereal companies are simply trying to keep up with all the people pumping out babies left and right, unfazed by the already-obvious problems of overpopulation. Hell, the bag of frosted flakes being held up on the right side of that picture is probably just a daily warm-up act for the Jon and Kate’s of the nation.

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