From The Desk Of The Rentals’ Matt Sharp: Everybody

The multimedia Songs About Time is an ongoing project from the Rentals, the revolving-door band founded 15 years ago by then Weezer bassist Matt Sharp. Songs About Time finds Sharp and Co. collaborating with a cast of about 50 filmmakers, designers, producers, editors and artists. They began this year-long experiment January 1 and have since made a new black-and-white film every week, not to mention documenting the process with a daily photo diary and recording three mini-albums. (All of this content can be found on the band’s website.) As if Sharp wasn’t busy enough, he is also guest editing all week. Read his introduction.


Sharp: Pixies guitarist Joey Santiago and I met at a Tegan And Sara concert somewhere toward the end of 2008. We talked a little bit that night about the different ways we were both were thinking about approaching the next year. I told him some of our ideas regarding this thing we were going to call Songs About Time, and he told me about his plans with his new band called Everybody with Pixies drummer David Lovering. Later on, we talked about possibly collaborating together on a something in the future, but it was one of those things that faded in and faded out and that you would bet the house would never happen. The day before we released “Song Of Remembering,” somewhere around seven in the morning, my phone started vibrating annoyingly on the bedside table. I reached over to turn the phone off, when I saw there was a short text message from Joe asking, “Hey, do you still want me to play on that song you were talking about?” Total blessed chaos. In a nutshell, more or less, that’s what this whole year has been like so far.

“The Last Sea Bass” (download):

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