MP3 At 3PM: No Age

noageseats4717All-ages DIY venue the Smell has become ground zero for the current Los Angeles punk/noise/lo-fi/no-fi scene. No Age is the band probably most responsible giving the Smell its notoriety. The street side of the venue graced the cover of the duo’s first album, 2008’s Weirdo Rippers. With “You’re A Target,” No Age rips it up with the closing track from its new EP, Losing Feeling (Sub Pop). Within a warm, metallic swirl of Randy Randall’s layered guitars, Dean Spunt machine guns the drums and everything else, taking no prisoners. Hype doesn’t exist in a vacuum. With this track, the dudes show why they sell out shows, and why the Smell has become the West Coast’s CBGB.

“You’re A Target” (download):