Take Cover! Petra Haden Vs. The Who

When is a cover song better than the original? Only you can decide. This week: Petra Haden takes on the Who’s “I Can See For Miles.” MAGNET’s Edward Fairchild pulls the pin. Take cover!

Prompted by Mike Watt and his gift of an eight-track tape recorder, Petra Haden covered The Who Sell Out a cappella and by herself. The Who originally recorded the album as a fake pirate-radio broadcast that consisted of songs interspersed with their own commercial jingles. While the Who has since licensed songs for gas-guzzling Hummer commercials, Haden is writing jingles for Toyota Prius ad campaigns. Here she performs “I Can See For Miles” with her group, the Sell Outs.

The Cover:

The Original: [poll id=”33″]

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