What Album Are You Most Looking Forward To Next Week?

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Seriously? Madness? Kris Kristofferson? The Avett Brothers? Hope Sandoval? Is there a fan of “alternative” music who graduated high school after 1991 who possibly cares about these bands at all? THESE are the bands that the Magnet staff is looking forward to? Right now is probably the most exciting time in music in almost 20 years, and these are the bands this magazine is stoked about? I don’t need Magnet to be some ultra-hip Pitchfork clone, but the fact is that I honestly don’t even know who half these bands are, although I bet that at age 30 I’m about a decade younger than their demographics.

Madness? Tell me this is a joke!

Brookville – Brooken Lights

The last album of Brookville is coming out on September 29th under Unfiltered Records, via ILG/WMG. As it is announced on the disc’s sometimes moody, often pensive and experimental quality, in both its lyrics and music, makes Broken Lights a more compelling direction for the band.

This album was recorded at Stratosphere sound. It features tracks like ‘Happy’ with a beautiful atmospheric sound, melodic electric guitars on it and with beautiful lyric which is the first tracks on the album. The beautiful ‘Break My Heart’ brings you a melancolic feeling for the bad relationships. With a audacious lyric and with a sexy sound ‘Tell You Love Her’ is one of the best songs on this record. With a beautiful atmospheric sound and with a fine and sophisticated keyboard sound ‘Goodbye’ is just breathtaking. ‘Great Mistake’ the first single is amazing! it shows Brookville’s tendency to a new fresh, sophisticated and warm sound which belongs to the whole record. Also it has a evocative cover of The Go-Betweens guitarist Grant McLennan’s “Haunted House” that is fabulous. Finally ‘Reunite’ with a lovely, releaxing and enimactic sound is the farewell as the final track of Broken Lights.

Broken Lights apart from its sophisticated sound is full of different feelings that varies in tempo and mood which becomes it in a delightful album.

Langhorne Slim and Brookville are actually pretty good…and the only decent two out of this list.

We Used To Think The Freeway Sounded Like A River is a great record. Powerful and thoughtful writing and playing. Looks like Brookville is way out in front of the pack in this vote though. I’ll have to check it out. Don’t know ’em.

I’m also looking forward to hearing the new Swell Season…

Hey Justin T – that’s a lot of negative stuff you got going there but not one mention of a band you’d suggest. Maybe next time you could offer up something positive.

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