MP3 At 3PM: Jemina Pearl

jeminapearl3724Nasty neo-punk quartet Be Your Own Pet split up not too long ago, but former lead singer Jemina Pearl is taking it in stride. Pearl started Be Your Own Pet as a Texas teen, so the last thing we’d want from her is maturity—and that’s the last thing we get with “Looking For Trouble.” Break It Up, her first solo release, came out on October 6 via Ecstatic Peace, with contributions from Iggy Pop and Thurston Moore. And as much as it hurts to say, sometimes break-ups are for the best. Because if they’re the reason we get tracks like the furious “Looking For Trouble,” well, we’re willing to take a little heartache. And here’s a bonus mp3: “I Hate People,” which features Pop and Moore.

“Looking For Trouble” (download):

“I Hate People” (download):

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