God’s Pottery Tour Diary, Part 2


God’s Pottery is a New York-based Christian singing duo that achieved national recognition via its appearance last year on the TV show Last Comic Standing. Jeremiah Smallchild and Gideon Lamb spread their gospel through original songs such as “The Pants Come Off When The Ring Goes On” and “Jesus I Need A Drink.” Not content to testify just with its music, God’s Pottery decided to write a teen survival guide that would speak to today’s youth, Christian or otherwise. What Would God’s Pottery Do?: The Ultimate Guide To Surviving Your Teens And/Or Being Successful! (Three Rivers Press) tackles the tough issues, including acne, deafness, evolution and the evils lurking on the Internet. Smallchild and Lamb recently toured the U.S. and kept a tour bible, er, diary for MAGNET. And remember, kids: virginity rocks!

“The Pants Come Off When The Ring Goes On” (download): 

Bellingham, Wash., November 6
We arrived in Bellingham on a rainy Friday afternoon. (Rainy in the Pacific Northwest?! What?!!!!) But the rain didn’t get us down because we were so excited to stay with Jeremiah’s cousin Veronica and her family! On our way up to Bellingham, Jeremiah was playing around and joking that we should call it “Hamming-Bell” and “Hemming-Ball.” And then Gideon said, “Yeah, or maybe ‘Helling-Bam!’” And then we both realized how dangerous that was because it incorporated the word “H*ll” in the name, and a H*lling-Bam would actually be quite frightening. So we stopped joking at that point and just focused on the road.

We went straight to Jeremiah’s cousin Veronica’s house, which is perched high on a bluff overlooking Bellingham Bay, which is quite picturesque. I bet the first people to settle there thought, “Yep, this looks like the place. It’s super beautiful here. Plus, we’ve got one of the ‘corner booths’ of the USA!” We rested up for our show, which was good because we needed the extra energy to interact with this crowd! We also needed the extra energy because they had ping-pong backstage. But not very many nutritious snacks. (See photo after the jump.)

We had a lovely audience at the Nightlight Lounge that seemed to embrace our message and experience a real L&L (“Laugh & Learn” ™). Everyone had a great time, including us. There is plenty of vim in Bellingham! (And also granola!)