God’s Pottery Tour Diary, Part 5


God’s Pottery is a New York-based Christian singing duo that achieved national recognition via its appearance last year on the TV show Last Comic Standing. Jeremiah Smallchild and Gideon Lamb spread their gospel through original songs such as “The Pants Come Off When The Ring Goes On” and “Jesus I Need A Drink.” Not content to testify just with its music, God’s Pottery decided to write a teen survival guide that would speak to today’s youth, Christian or otherwise. What Would God’s Pottery Do?: The Ultimate Guide To Surviving Your Teens And/Or Being Successful! (Three Rivers Press) tackles the tough issues, including acne, deafness, evolution and the evils lurking on the Internet. Smallchild and Lamb recently toured the U.S. and kept a tour bible, er, diary for MAGNET. And remember, kids: virginity rocks!

“The Pants Come Off When The Ring Goes On” (download): 

Menomonie, Wisc., November 22
We drove up from Madison to Menomonie for our show at the Mabel Tainter Center For The Arts. Menomonie is a lovely old lumber town that is now home to a small university and is surrounded by fertile farmland. The Mabel Tainter is to theaters what sugar-free gum is to gum: awesome. Tim opened the show and had a great set, and then he brought us on, and we were jazzed to see a full house!!! Then we saw a bunch of old friends and family at our “afterglow” downstairs. It was a wonderful show and a perfect end to the tour. Here’s a photo with Tim and us in the front row and Adrianne, Pinckney, Susan, Jane and Bob in the back!

We flew back to NYC from the Minneapolis airport the next day, and on the way back, Jeremiah noticed something out the window and said, “Look Gideon! A rainbow!” (See photo after the jump.)

And Gideon said, “Hold on a second. Considering where we are, that’s a plane-bow!” And we had a good laugh. And then the guy in our row laughed, too, but it sounded different from our laughter. It was like he didn’t want us to see him laughing, and like he was laughing at someone rather than something.

It was a great tour, and we look forward to a whole lot more “road time” soon!