Los Campesinos! Got Your Back: Nigel Slater

LosCamplogoAs evidenced by both their music and exclamatory band name, the seven members of Cardiff, Wales’ Los Campesinos! are excitable boys and girls. The group’s third album, Romance Is Boring (Arts & Crafts), is an energetic, all-hands-on-deck dash through the pantheon of sharp indie pop and sloppy post-punk, gathering steam from Bright Eyes’ sense of emotional catharsis and Art Brut’s wry take on modern love. Try to gather all the influences brought to bear on Romance Is Boring by LC!’s seven-member army, however, and we’d be here all day. MAGNET spoke to songwriter Tom Campesinos! and guitarist Neil Campesinos!—all members (Tom, Neil, Ellen, Gareth, Harriet, Ollie and Kim) have taken the band’s surname—about the new album. Los Campesinos! will be guest editing all week. Read our Q&A with them.

NIgelOllie: We’ve always had the Sunday Observer in my family’s house. As well as reading the sport, I always read Nigel Slater‘s food column. He’s been writing it for about 20 years now. He has several books, which are great reads. He is so enthusiastic about food. How he writes is as if he was writing a novel. His writing is so descriptive, and it just makes you salivate when reading it. His cooking is always simple but so effective that if you cook it, it always come out how it should and is really tasty. In my opinion, he is the best food writer in the U.K. I wish that when I write my food reviews that I can write like him. His autobiography, Toast, has done the rounds of the band. Everyone should read it, even if you are a fussy eater. Video after the jump.