MP3 At 3PM: Northern Portrait

northernportrait548Swoon-worthy and charming, Northern Portrait is twee at its finest. Smitten with melancholy and jangly guitar, its January debut, Criminal Art Lovers (Matinee), is indie pop for the literati and fans of the Smiths. Heavily reminiscent of the best of Britpop, Northern Portrait’s sound is familiar yet unique: Johnny Marr-inspired riffs accompany frontman Stefan Larsen’s near-falsetto crooned nonchalance. Instrumentally bright and shining, “New Favourite Moment” is concisely coy lyric-wise. A befitting soundtrack to any Godard film, Northern Portrait is the musical manifestation of the films’ existential groans. In short, this track is smashing! Download “New Favourite Moment” below. And as bonus, here’s a second mp3: Criminal Art Lovers‘ title track.

“New Favourite Moment” (download):

“Criminal Art Lovers” (download):

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