BoDeans’ Good Things: The Last Great V8

BoDeanslogo1While the BoDeans have built a loyal fan base over the course of the 24 years since the release of their T Bone Burnett-produced debut, Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams, the duo—Kurt Neumann and Sam Llanas—is best known as the band whose “Closer To Free” became the theme song to ’90s TV show Party Of Five. But the BoDeans are fine with that and instead focus on making the kind of music they want to, then bringing it to their devoted followers. New album Mr. Sad Clown (429) features more of the duo’s trademark roots-based rock and intricate vocal harmonies. Neumann will be guest editing all week. Read our new Q&A with him.


Neumann: When I met my wife, I was driving a 1986 GMC Sierra Classic. I found it in a junkyard. I had a new engine put in it and a Maaco paint job put on it. Put some wood bumpers on and covered the bench seat. It didn’t run perfect, but for the money, it was good enough. However, after kids came along, I had to rethink things. One bench seat wasn’t gonna cut it. So, I looked around for another truck that could handle the new additions and still meet all my other requirements. Haul gear, haul kids, good sound system and, most of all, V8. Yeah, I know, it’s killing the world and all, but I was a child of the great V8s of the ’60s and ’70s. Think ’68 Gran Sport: 60 mph in second gear. So anyway, my wife suggested the Cadillac Escalade EXT. I’m like, “Right?! I’ll just buy a small island in the Caribbean, too.” One day I decide to test drive one for the hell of it. And, um, wow! Think Mercedes-Benz sedan jacked into a Ford pickup jacked into NASCAR. I’m pretty sure when you drive over 85 mph (not that I do), the thing hugs down wider and tighter to the road. I’m not a car nut or anything, and I know they’re on the way out. But this may be the last great V8. Often, I tell friends that they’re not worth the money. But the truth is, I love this truck.

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