MP3 At 3PM: Drew Danburry

drewdanburry369Drew Danburry‘s latest single comes from his just-released album, Goodnight Dannii (Emergency Umbrella). Those new to the Utah-based folkster should be pleasantly surprised by his soft and simple (yet quirky) ditties. “Nirvana, By Kurt Cobain” twinkles in with an echoing xylophone that quickly fades into a melancholy guitar loop, heaping a heavy-hearted tenderness onto listeners throughout the song. Danburry seems to have the ability to give you the feeling he’s reaching out of the speakers to cradle your heart and whisper sentiments of understanding into your ear. There’s a certain comfortable misery in lyrics such as “I’m giving up because it’s my lonely grave/At least it’s not another lonely stage.” Danburry’s music is sure to cure the saddest of sacks and entertain folk enthusiasts alike.

“Nirvana, By Kurt Cobain” (download):