A Message From Rasputina’s Melora Creager: Hudson, NY

For almost two decades, Rasputina has carved out one of the most interesting niches in contemporary music. Melora Creager founded the cello-based ensemble in Brooklyn in 1992, and although the band has gone through numerous lineup changes, it continues to produce its distinctive, heavy-yet-haunting sound. Despite near-constant performing, Creager, fellow cellist Daniel DeJesus and percussionist Catie D’Amica have managed to release two LPs a month apart: live album The Pregnant Concert (so-named because Creager was pregnant with her second daughter at the time) and sixth studio full-length Sister Kinderhook (both on the Filthy Bonnet label). Rasputina even found time to be the subject of a documentary titled Under The Corset, which chronicles its tour experience on the West Coast. The group has been crisscrossing North America all summer in support of the albums, giving its rabid fanbase more chances to party like it’s 1799. Creager will be guest editing all week. Read our Q&A with her.

Creager: Hudson is my current hometown. Home to many NYC expats. Wonderful artists (Melora Kuhn), much yoga (Sadhana), music (Mother Fletcher, Melissa Auf der Maur, M’Shell Ndegeocello), local food at your fingertips. Was long ago a whaling town, then an abandoned slum, then a gay hot spot of antiquing.

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