MP3 At 3PM: Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3

From the guy who dares you to find the pea under the three thimbles while he eyes your bulging wallet to an Upper West Side Manhattan Dr. Fantasy who’s the purveyor of sweet lysergic dreams, Steve Wynn has worn many hats in a 30-year musical career. It began with the Dream Syndicate, the cream of L.A.’s neo-psych Paisley Underground, and has come to this: an unending brace of gritty solo albums with the Miracle 3 that fulfill every wish he made as a young man when he struck that deal with a skinny stranger in a black frock coat out in back of the midway tent while the jugglers and the clowns looked down and frowned. Wynn’s latest is Northern Aggression, out November 30 via Yep Roc. Download first single “Resolution” below.

“Resolution” (download):