120 Reasons To Live: The Church

Nothing did more to further the cause of Alternative Nation-building than 120 Minutes, MTV’s Sunday-night video showcase of non-mainstream acts. For nearly two decades, the program spanned musical eras from ’80s college rock to ’00s indie, with grunge, Britpop, punk, industrial, electronica and more in between. MAGNET raids the vaults to resurrect our 120 favorite and unjustly forgotten videos from the show’s classic era.

#28: The Church “Under The Milky Way”

The Church enjoyed a brief bit of attention in the U.S. after “Under The Milky Way” was prominently featured in Donnie Darko, but a full-fledged resurgence or catalog reclamation would be impossible for this Australian act; which one of the 17 albums should you start with? 1988’s Starfish (which features “Under The Milky Way”) is as good a place as any, showcasing a kind of black-trenchcoat psychedelia that made the Church a natural fit to tour the States with Echo & The Bunnymen back in the ’80s.

Bonus Round: Check out MAGNET associate editor Matt Hickey’s Q&A with the Church singer/bassist Steve Kilbey, a man who apparently has never buried a hatchet. (Just read the last exchange of the interview if you’re lazy.)

One reply on “120 Reasons To Live: The Church”

Excellent…my all-time favorite song. 🙂 Again, can I just thank you again for having such a cool ongoing feature??

I would say Starfish is good for mid-era Church (or Heyday for that matter)…for more recent stuff, I’d probably suggest After Everything Now This.

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