MP3 At 3PM: The Jigsaw Seen

For more than 20 years, the Jigsaw Seen has been making music on its own terms in Los Angeles, where “what’s happening” fluctuates more radically than the stock market. The two-man core of the group, singer Dennis Davison and guitarist Jonathan Lea, has painstakingly crafted some of the most viscerally and intellectually stimulating material since the halcyon days of Arthur Lee and Love. From repertory pieces “My Name Is Tom” and “Fiddlesticks” to thematically diverse selections like “Crazy Legs,” “Melancholy Morning” and “Choreography Killed The Cat,” all from current album Bananas Foster (Vibro-Phonic), the material ranges from raga rock to baroque pop, the subject matter is always extraordinary, and the melodies are sublime. Download another album standout, “Where The Action Isn’t,” below.

“Where The Action Isn’t” (download):

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