MP3 At 3PM: Poor But Sexy

Poor But Sexy is made up of five longtime members of the Washington, D.C., post-punk scene: singer David Brown and bassist Brandon Kalber (both of Travis Morrison Hellfighters), guitarist Jason Caddell (Dismemberment Plan), keyboardist David Durst (Anti-Social Music) and drummer Bruce Falconer (an investigative reporter who also blogs about beer). PBS will self-release its debut LP, Let’s Move In Together, on February 15, but you can also catch the band on some East Coast dates with the¬†Dismemberment Plan and, later,¬†Franz Nicolay and David Dondero. Download album track “Hotter Than A Poptart” below, and read our Lost Classics post on the¬†Dismemberment Plan.

“Hotter Than A Poptart” (download):