Film At 11: Gold Motel

You probably rememberĀ Gold Motel frontwoman Greta Morgan from the time she spent singing and playing piano for the Chicago-based Hush Sound. (She was known as Greta Salpeter back then.) When that band called it quits a couple years ago, Morgan headed to Southern California to write Gold Motel’s self-titled five-song EP, which she recorded with friend Dan Duszynzski (This Is Me Smiling) when she got back to the Windy City. Morgan and Duszynzski then added Matt Schuessler and Adam Kaltenhauser (both of This is Me Smiling) and Eric Hehr (Yearbooks) to the band’s lineup and issued their debut album, Summer House. Gold Motel just self-released a new seven-inch, Talking Fiction, and we are proud to premiere the Eddie O’Keefe-directed video for a-side “Cold Shoulders” today on Catch Gold Motel on tour for the next month with Hellogoodbye.

8 replies on “Film At 11: Gold Motel”

This video is so hilarious and I totally love the new song!!!!!! I’m going to seee Gold Motel play with Hello Goodbye tomorrow in Houston and can’t can’t can’t wait!

Also the boys look really handsome in this video and greta looks gorgeous!!!

It’s so refreshing to see a band with a sense of humor. So many musicians take themsevles way too seriously these days. Love the song, btw.

I can’t deny that gold motel has talent. But word of advice get someone else to do your videos this is a total rip off of. Great band deserves better videos. It distracts from their talent.

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