Film At 11: Deerhoof

Some time ago, Deerhoof stole the thorny crown from the previous band billed as San Francisco’s mightiest indie-rockers (whoever they were). Deerhoof soon began filling the city’s best venues to the max with a rabid following enchanted by its sometimes noisy/chaotic, sometimes gentle/precise sound. Still helmed by longtime members Satomi Matsuzaki and Greg Saunier, Deerhoof admits that most of the time when the band members step onstage, they have no idea what they’ll play. It’s perhaps that sense of unpredictability that’s made Deerhoof fans of the Dirty Projectors, Sufjan Stevens and Grizzly Bear. If you haven’t heard the band yet, you’re next. “Super Duper Rescue Heads!” is the first video from Deerhoof Vs. Evil (Polyvinyl), and it was filmed in Tokyo by director Noriko Oishi.