MP3 At 3PM: La Sera

Leave it to Vivian Girl Katy Goodman to displace our angst toward yet another snow storm with visions of the tepid West. “Devils Hearts Grow Cold,” a track from La Sera‘s self-titled debut album, does exactly that. Clean, jangly guitars dripping with reverb hit lazily against her lovely, self-harmonizing vocals with an earnestness that avoids being precious. The effect is almost dreamlike, hinting at a nostalgia for some lost era despite the relevance of this sound today. Inevitably, Spector-esque descriptors will continue to follow Goodman and her ilk around, but there’s something different, less exacting perhaps, that distinguishes La Sera from more polished attempts to revive that era. (And one of these days we critics will discover that more than one producer found employment in L.A. in the ’50s and early ’60s.) La Sera the band is currently touring Europe and will join husband/wife team Tennis for a few dates on the East coast upon its return. La Sera the album arrives February 15 on Hardly Art.

“Devils Hearts Grow Gold” (download):