Film At 11: Cold War Kids

In six short years, Long Beach, Calif.’s Cold War Kids have churned out an obscene amount of records and toured aggressively. Their latest venture, Mine Is Yours (Downtown/Mercury/V2), features jangling guitar, rumbling bass and toe-tapping drums in the same vein as the Black Keys and the now-defunct White Stripes. The video for single “Louder Than Ever” is a not-so-subtle take on the self-esteem-obliterating, throat-cutting fashion industry. A Hugh Hefner/Simon Cowell/David Hasselhoff amalgamation marks up a drop-dead beauty with the tire marks of a plastic surgeon and models flit around in skimpy $3,000 outfits as Nathan Willett’s shrill vocals and the band members’ more polished version of themselves provide the soundtrack.