MP3 At 3PM: Accidental Seabirds

Accidental Seabirds is the one-man band of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Jesse Lee Herdman. The New Jersey native wrote every song and played practically every instrument on his 17-track debut album, The Snow And The Full Moon, a collection of quirky and melancholic folk/jazz tunes. Like Adam Green or Yoni Wolf, this man has a way with words. Herdman appears to be a scientist of sound with the ability to form an incredible amalgamation of music and lyrics that harmoniously bellows his tale. His clever poetry flows through gleaming vocals to join congruent instrumentals in an emotion-filled pool of sweet, sweet sound. Herdman has created an album that drips with the essence of the human experience. Below are two such hyperbolic pieces: the singsong and sad “Untitled” and the vivacious, bohemian “Automatic Drawing.”

“Untitled” (download):

“Automatic Drawing” (download):

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