From The Desk Of Laura Cantrell: The Jersey Shore (Yes, That Jersey Shore!)

Kitty Wells Dresses: Songs Of The Queen Of Country Music is the fifth full-length from New York City singer/songwriter Laura Cantrell, and as you probably deduced from the album’s title, the LP pays tribute to country music’s first female star. Cantrell recorded the 10-track record in Nashville, the city where both she and Wells were born. Aside from covering some of Wells’ most loved songs, Cantrell kicks off the album with the title track, a song she co-wrote with Amy Allison. Cantrell will be guest editing all week. Read our brand new Q&A with her.

Cantrell: I grew up in a landlocked state, so going to the beach meant road trips to the Carolinas or Florida. Now that I’m based in New York, I’ve become fond of the beach options of New Jersey, my favorite being Ocean Grove, the Methodist town just over the hill from Asbury Park. The Atlantic is an unwavering navy blue, and the beaches are family friendly and mellow. The town’s central meeting hall has music events ranging from choral recitals to an evening concert series featuring oldies acts such as Gladys Knight & The Pips. And in the summer at least, you have to cap off those long days in the sun with a trip to one of Jersey’s great ice-cream shops like the Cone Zone on Route 33.

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