From The Desk Of Her Space Holiday’s Marc Bianchi: Studs Terkel

This week’s release of Her Space Holiday‘s 10-track, self-titled album marks the end of the one-man musical project that Marc Bianchi started back in 1996. Fittingly, HSH’s final album is also the first on the Austin-based Bianchi’s No More Good Ideas label. While he has some live dates set to support the LP, the genre-defying musician mostly plans for the album to be the closing statement from HSH, who over the past decade and a half has also remixed tracks by the likes of R.E.M., Bright Eyes, Elastica and the Faint. Bianchi can now add MAGNET guest editor to his already-impressive resume, as that’s what he’ll be doing all week. Read our brand new Q&A with him.

Bianchi: Studs Terkel is a true American classic. Radio host. Television personality. Author. Whatever the role Studs put himself in, he always had a knack for getting into the meat of the thing. It made no difference if you were rich or poor, a politician or a musician—Studs could get you to reveal opinions you didn’t even know you had. For anybody who is a fan of radio programs like This American Life, Fresh Air, Transom and The Moth but isn’t familiar with Studs Terkel, I highly suggest researching the man. Studs not only shaped the face of contemporary radio, but he was, in my opinion, the first person to truly bring the plight of the poor, working class into the the forefront of the American conscience.

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