MP3 At 3PM: Matthew Friedberger

Matthew Friedberger, one half of the cranky/genius Fiery Furnaces, undertook the recording of eight albums this year in a series called Solos. Each record focuses on a different instrument, and the latest on the list is Cut It Out, an LP of drum songs. “Comforts Of The Coffin,” the first track off Cut It Out, sounds pretty similar to what you’d expect from Friedberger: Abstract lyricism and off-kilter beats compose the decidedly minimalist track. The whole thing is rather exciting and confusing in a Gil Scott-Heron-meets-Steve Reich kind of way. Download “The Comforts Of The Coffin” below, and check out Cut It Out, out now via Thrill Jockey.

“The Comforts Of A Coffin” (download):