The Rosebuds Make MAGNET A Mix Tape

We’re sad to report that summer is on its way out the door. The season was good to us this year, bringing a truckload of awesome new albums to listen to, including the Rosebuds’ fifth record, Loud Planes Fly Low (Merge). Ivan Howard, half of the North Carolina duo, makes the warmer months seem to last just a little bit longer with this mix tape, saying, “ I have declared this the summer of disco country for myself. Well, at least since hearing Stevie Wonder’s “I Ain’t Gonna Stand For It” on a long drive from Denver to Minneapolis this July on our last Rosebuds tour with Other Lives and Bon Iver. That song about blew me out of my seat and led me to do a bit of research on this time period in country music and had me scanning my brain to remember back to what music sounded like along the midway of the North Carolina State Fair on my first couple of trips a little kid. So here’s a mix tape to my summer.” The Rosebuds welcome autumn with a U.S. tour starting next month in MAGNET’s hometown of Philadelphia.

Eddie Rabbit “Driving My Life Away”
My mom used to always play this song on the stereo when I was a little kid. I’ve liked it since the first time I heard it. One of the very few song the Rosebuds have covered at multiple live shows. I remember accidently walking into a Eddie Rabbit show at the Dorton Arena one time at the fair in Raleigh, and it reminded me how great it is. Video

Stevie Wonder “I Ain’t Gonna Stand For It”
Here it is in all its glory. He sings the vocals so low it sounds like the first use of Auto-Tune. I can imagine the feeling in the studio when they tracked this song and how everyone probably laughed for hours about some of the lines he used. Video

Dolly Parton “Potential New Boyfriend”
I thought about putting “9 To 5” here, but I choose this one—a deep cut—instead. Pure disco country. She didn’t write it, but I think she’s wrote enough hits to not hold it against her. Video

Charlie Rich “The Most Beautiful Girl In The World”
This one doesn’t have too much disco swing to it, but the strings and just the way he sings the word “hey!” garner him a spot on the list. And it’s Charlie Rich—he could’ve been a linebacker in the NFL. Video

Exile “I Wanna Kiss You All Over”
Another one I heard on the radio recently. I never knew Exile was a country group until it was played on a country-classics station. Perhaps the definitive song on this list. Plus multiple singers got to sing verses to their separate girlfriends throughout the song. Or maybe it was the same girl. Video

Lee Hazlewood “Your Thunder And Your Lightning”
Whoa, this was 1977 and maybe my favorite find here. That bass line is amazing, and there’s some serious disco lyrics that might make Barry White blush. I don’t remember any other Hazlewood songs sounding this way. Video

Roy Orbison “Easy Way Out”
All I have to say is look at that album cover in the video. And to think, this think was kept under wraps? He didn’t write this, either, and probably for good reason. But Orbison can do no wrong in my book. Video

Johnny Bristol “I Love Talking Bout Baby”
He has a song called “Morganton NC,” which I couldn’t find on YouTube. He’s half Barry White, half Teddy Pendergrass and half Charlie Pride. His whole catalogue leans more toward soul, but he’s from my home state and is a forgotten treasure who needs to be heard again. Video

Glen Campbell “Southern Nights”
We’ve all heard “Rhinestone Cowboy,” but this one’s not too shabby, either. Talk about a songwriter to boot, and the music is set to clips from Smokey And The Bandit! Video

Dottie West “Even If You Were Jessie James”
Live performance on the set of The Dukes Of Hazzard for the clip. I bet that is how John Schneider got his start in country music. Video

Bill Anderson “I Can’t Wait Any Longer”
This is too good. The strings are straight from a Barry White recording. The only YouTube video of this song is just boiling lava. It’s that hot! Video (As a bonus, listen to his monologue in his song “Double S.” Unreal. Video)

Alabama “The Closer You Get”
I put this in here because they were the kings of early-’80s country. Not really a fan of the song, but I am of their jeans. Video

Charly McClain “Lets Put Our Love Into Motion”
This could be on a record that comes out this week, especially with the bells and general arrangement. Just probably without the Southern drawl and with a whole lot more reverb on the vocals. Video

Juice Newton “Dirty Looks”
Basically, you can’t leave out the woman who sang “Queen Of Hearts” on a country-disco mix. I’ve danced to that song several times in a karaoke bar. “Dirty Looks” is a rocker, and she has a brilliant pink guitar. Video

“Second Bird Of Paradise” (download):