What Album Are You Most Looking Forward To Next Week?

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13 replies on “What Album Are You Most Looking Forward To Next Week?”

Gregory Slay. Your music keeps you alive and with us. It’s beautiful. You are never forgotten.

Gregory Slay died and it was really sad. All of the music he helped create sound more somber now, like a tribute to him.

Gregory Slay, your presence is still here with us. And your music keeps you alive. You are never forgotten!!!!

Remy Zero is one of the most underrated bands ever. Radiohead loved them before they ever even had an album, then they had a little success with their first two albums. “Fair” was featured on Garden State then their 3rd album did decently because “Save Me” was a big success and is used as the Smallville theme song. They had some troubles and broke up. Gregory Slay was one of the members of this great band and then He tragically died. If his album is half a Remy Zero album then it will be a spectacle to behold.

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