MP3 At 3PM: Lushlife

Today, the ever-changing face of hip hop has taught us to expect new, occasionally weird, things. Lushlife, the Philadelphia rapper, shows us that weird can be great. Two songs off his upcoming mixtape,¬†Plateau Visions (Western Vinyl), especially drive this point home. “Adult Goth” (featuring Das Racist’s Heems) shows Lushlife’s inclination for provocative, unexpected beats and fast rhymes. Meanwhile, “She’s A Buddhist, I’m A Cubist” (featuring Cities Aviv) shows us a more chill side of Lushlife; it’s a steady stream of quieter, but equally as hard-hitting, sounds.¬† The two tracks show off Lushlife’s incredible range and proclivity for weird song names. Great weird song names. Download both tracks below.

“Adult Goth” (Featuring Heems) (download):

“She’s a Buddhist, I’m A Cubist” (Featuring Cities Aviv) (download):