What Record Are You Most Looking Forward To Next Week?

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55 replies on “What Record Are You Most Looking Forward To Next Week?”

I’m all country lady. Hank like you sing if the south shall raise agian. like that song I love everything you write

I LOVE HANK!!! I seen him when he came to MN and was raised on him. Hank is just a FAMILY TRADITION!! 🙂

My son was electocuted and died 11 yrs. ago. When he was in his teens,his buddies would be at the house,and they would always be singing “all my rowdy friends” and :”Country boy can survive”
At his funeral his wife had Hanks music playing in the background.
Everytime I hear your music, I think there’s his music playing…oh,the good memories!!

hank is truely the boss of country. im a big fan and have every album he ever made and cant wait till i can jam to the new one.

Looking forward to seeing you and the band in southhaven Miss!! this will be my first time seeing you in concert. Can’t Wait!! Take Care!!!!

I’ve been listening to Hank since I was a little girl and I love me some Hank Williams Jr.!!!!! 🙂

HANK ALL THE WAY! If he was thinking of releasing an album of nothing but him pickin’ n hummin’ My husband would be the first line to take one home!! We are a Bocephus loving family!

Loved Hank Jr music since high school a long long time ago. Better yet he is an old friend from the Flathead in Montana. Go Hank Go

I love hank jr. (wiskey bent and hell bound and outlaw women ) just a few of my favorites

I am a country girl,and listened to Hank Sr and now Im a country woman and listen to Hank jr. Music that inspires and makes me feel good!

Hank is a legand and he should will ….He is a great singer and a great man . Vote HANK !!!!

No comparison Hank jr all the way I’ll always be a rowdy friend i would love to ho hunting and fishing with ol Hank

i think we need a coutry-boy to run this country maybe then we can get back some of the roots this country stands for back with a blue-collar working man running the country maybe then when you at least say you are gonna do something you at least do or tell people it couldn’t be done that respect and concern thats what you talk about in your music and thank you for your time sir

I voted 4 Hank Williams jr!! Because he’s the best!! The real entertainer of the year every year..He’s a real LEGEND not the phony kind..Like whats on the radio now a days.

this Outlaw Woman votes for Hank. If the south would have won we’d had it made.:-)

I miss hearing Merle Kilgore introduce you Bocephus! I know you do too. I just want to say to keep on doing what you do and SAYING what u think! I personally think you should run for office. I’m sure you would do a better job than some of the bozo’s we have! Bless you Hank! OH and the South’s gonna rise again!!!

Born and raised in Alabama and on Hank Jr music.I will always love Hank Jr and all his music.Hank the third isn’t bad either,neither was his father.Hank Jr’s music rules though.

Im votein for hank because hes the best. I grew up with his music.and on 10/7/89 i sing old habits on the country boy eddie show.hes comein to tuscaloosa al on 03/07/2012 wish i could go but cant aford too. I know he will rock the whole U.A. Roll tide!! everybody in T-town.

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