From The Desk Of Phenomenal Handclap Band’s Sean Marquand: Diplo And Triple Double’s “Aeiou”

Phenomenal Handclap Band is the one that was never meant to be: an initially loose collective of musicians who wanted to stray away from the show circuit and focus on production. However, demand for PHB exploded following the release of hit single “15 To 20,” resulting in this diverse group of musicians stepping back into the spotlight for two albums, including the new Form & Control. We invited Sean Marquand, one of PHB’s founding members, to guest edit this week. Read our recent feature on the band here.

Marquand: Diplo and Triple Double have done two psych-rock mix tapes that have been favorites of ours for years. Go to Mad Decent’s site to get the first one for free, but the second one is my favorite.

Video after the jump.