What Record Are You Most Looking Forward To Next Week?

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6 replies on “What Record Are You Most Looking Forward To Next Week?”

I hope Set It Off wins! They’re an amazing band and definitely deserve it. crossing my fingers! 🙂

We’ve been waiting 14 years for Richie Sambora’s Aftermath of the Lowdown. “Looking forward” to it is an understatement!

This is a “Total Dream Come True”…..Richie finally made a solo CD, “Aftermath of the Lowdown” and it’s going to make ALOT of Fans very happy, “”THE SONGS ARE AMAZING ♥””….I’m counting the days, ♪♫♪ I’m just a world away ♪♫♪…………. Canada loves you Richie Sambora!!!!! ♥

I am so confused right now. The people who read Magnet are most excited about hearing a Richie Sambora album? Have those of you who voted for Sambora ever read this magazine? Do you guys have Nuno Bettencourt posters up in your rooms?

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