From The Desk Of Clinic’s Ade Blackburn: “Psychedelia: An Ancient Culture, A Modern Way Of Life”

A lot has changed since Clinic first shell-shocked the scene in the late ’90s with a waxen trio of blitzkrieg EPs, and the many rave reviews and rarefied Radiohead comparisons that followed its earliest albums, 2000’s Internal Wrangler and 2002’s Walking With Thee. Born during those final twilight hours of the music industry’s money-minting heyday, Clinic has defiantly survived the many upheavals and unthinking revolutions that surround the working band in the internet age. Free Reign (Domino) is Clinic’s seventh album, as well as the most focused and singular of the band’s career to date. Frontman Ade Blackburn will be guest editing all week. Read our brand new Clinic feature.

Blackburn: Patrick Lundborg‘s new book on psychedelia promises to be something special. Out through Subliminal Sounds, it looks at  the many facets of psychedelia over time and not just the ’60s. Military acid tests, Philip K. Dick, Exotica, CIA research, Goa Trance, poster art, etc., all get a look in. Patrick wrote the immense Acid Archives book, which shed a light on many great but unheard private-press releases. His new book should do the same for psychedelic culture.