From The Desk Of Steve Kilbey: “Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk” By Jeff Buckley

Steve Kilbey is best known as the frontman of Australian legends the Church, whose “Under The Milky Way” was one of the defining alt-rock singles of the late ’80s. He has also released records with the likes of Grant McLennan, Martin Kennedy and Donnette Thayer, as well as a number of solo albums. Aside from being a member of the Australian Songwriters Hall Of Fame, Kilbey pens poetry and is an accomplished painter. His latest CD is Life Somewhere Else (Communicating Vessels) by Isidore, a collaboration with Jeffrey Cain (Remy Zero). Kilbey will also be guest editing all week.

Kilbey: To me, Jeff‘s Grace was one of the best records of all time. Hands down. You want gorgeous singing and strange melodic songs with wonderful words plus a smattering of brilliant covers—well that was Grace. But what of its follow-up record, released posthumously and produced by none other than Tom Verlaine from hip band Television? This double LP contains some staggering songs despite its status as demos and unfinished business. Aching soulful stuff only made all the poignant by Jeff’s untimely death. This record is anything but second rate. God what a voice this man possessed! Was he even capable of singing a bum note? I don’t think so! Song after song of beauty sadness and elation. Almost as essential as Grace; one wonders at the all the fantastic music available here. Such a waste of brilliance that it has been deemed a bit second rate for far too long. You will love this record if you give it a try. Amazing guitar stuff, too, innovative and accomplished. Sometimes rocking, sometimes jingly, sometimes crystal clear and pretty. Although a melancholy listen, it’s a record you will enjoy forever!