Film At 11: Paleface

Songwriting connoisseur Paleface has a new music video. The clip is for the title track off his most recent album, One Big Party (Ramseur). The single features vocals and percussion from his girlfriend, Monica “Mo” Samalot. Says Paleface of the track, “I was doing my laundry one day, and this woman was sitting on the bench with a cast on her arm, swigging malt liquor out of a paper bag. She said she had been beaten up by her crackhead boyfriend, had just been discharged from the hospital and was waiting for her daughter to pick her up. I wasn’t sure what was real, but she was definitely a mess. Anyone drinking malt liquor in the laundromat at two in the afternoon has got some damage.” We are proud to premiere the video for “One Big Party” today on Watch it below.