Big Country Makes MAGNET A Mix Tape


Scotland’s Big Country has been creating unforgettable genre-crossing rock since 1981. The band’s ample fan base hasn’t gotten their paws on a new LP since 1999’s Driving To Damascus. A revamped Big Country just issued its ninth full-length, The Journey (Cherry Red). This is the first release that has the Alarm’s Mike Peters on vocals, who replaced the late Stuart Adamson (R.I.P.). The comeback kids of Big Country hooked MAGNET up with a few carefully selected tracks for a mix tape. Check out what frontman Peters and guitarist Bruce Watson came up with. Before doing so, watch the band’s new video for new single “Hurt.”

David Bowie “Jean Genie”
A pure piece of rock ‘n’ roll theatre from a time that rock ‘n’ roll has almost forgotten about. Video.

Woody Guthrie “This Land Is Your Land”
Where would we be today without this song and this man? Video.

Prince, Tom Petty, Steve Winwood, Jeff Lynne And Others “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”
For Stuart Adamson, who would have loved this, especially Prince’s solo. Unbelievable. Video.

The Beatles “A Hard Day’s Night”
I lived at my Gran’s house and when I was three years old I was given a plastic Beatles guitar for my Christmas present. According to my mother, every time they finished a song on TV, they would bow in appreciation and I would do the same, wearing my pajamas with a plastic guitar strapped round my neck. George was my favorite, and what an opening chord. Video.

The Rolling Stones “Brown Sugar”
Again, great opening riff, and this time by Keith Richard (or Richards depending on his spelling at the time), I was probably around 11 years old, but after hearing the record, I knew my footballing career would take a back seat. Big Country made an early journey supporting the Stones on two tours in Europe. Charlie is my Darling. Video.