From The Desk Of Alice In Chains: Vosges Haut-Chocolat

AliceInChainsLogoFew bands survive the reboot Alice In Chains launched in 2008, six years after the death of its troubled powerhouse singer, Layne Staley. Guitarist Jerry Cantrell admits the idea of reemerging from stasis with a new vocalist, William DuVall, felt like a gamble. The result was Black Gives Way To Blue, a work worthy of standing alongside the band’s masterpiece, 1992’s Dirt. Though few would have predicted such a return to form, the album was certified gold, topped scads of best-of lists and launched two full tours. The new The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here stays true to the Alice In Chains sound, a dense shroud of gloom occasionally lifted by soaring harmonies and delicate riffs. For every dirge stomp like “Pretty Done” and the menacing creep of “Lab Monkey,” there are echoes of Jar Of Flies’ haunted acoustic beauty (“Voices,” “Choke”) or the filthy groove of “Stone,” the album’s second single. DuVall will be guest editing all week. Read our brand new Alice In Chains feature.


DuVall: I discovered Vosges a few years ago. It’s easily some of the best chocolate I’ve had anywhere in the world. My favorites are the Barcelona Bar (milk chocolate, Fleur de Sel Grey sea salt and roasted almonds) and Mo’s Milk Chocolate Bacon Bar (milk chocolate, hickory smoked bacon and alderwood smoked salt). The company specializes in the unexpected, combining chocolate with curry, goji berries, chillis, mushrooms and other exotic ingredients. In addition to their bars, Vosges also does finely crafted limited-edition truffle collections, inspired by whatever cultural curiosity is firing company founder Katrina Markoff’s imagination at the time. As amazing as the chocolate is, I’m equally impressed by Markoff’s creative process and philosophy. Her stated mission is to “save the world through chocolate.” A rather lofty concept to be sure, but check out the video below and others posted on YouTube. She just might make you a believer. If that doesn’t do it, the chocolate certainly will.

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