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After 2010’s self-titled album, Englishman are set to release their follow-up record, Unsafe & Sound, on November 19. The tracks on the album reflect an overall urgency for preservation and nerve that the duo’s previous album does not. The concept behind the new LP stems from the idea that the ways in which we participate in the human experience are changing too rapidly to process. Plus, the songs are amazing. We are proud to premiere album track “More Than Insects” today on Download it below.

“More Than Insects” (download):

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[…] On November 19th, Lexington, KY Indie-folk band Englishman will release a new 7-track EP entitled, Unsafe & Sound. The extended play is a follow up to the group’s 2010 self titled debut full length. It will be released digitally, and pressed on limited edition vinyl. Recorded between ten days in Lexington, and mixed in Brooklyn by band member Justin Craig, the EP is said to have been started as a response to the rapidly changing ways in which we experience modern human life. The theme of the end product is an “urgency for preservation and nerve,” and theme that is present in the first single “More than Insects” which was premiered on Magnet Magazine’s Mp3 at 3pm. Traces of Americana can be heard sprinkled throughout the track, on top of the heavy, low grumble distortion of the guitars, and skeletal drumbeat. With Andrew English’s lyrics providing the narrative, this is a down to earth track, rooted in the realism of everyday life, and serves as a beautiful preview into this new EP. A US tour is also in the works, with dates to be announced shortly. Check out Englishman’s “More Than Insects” via Magnet Magazine’s MP3 at 3 here. […]

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